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Erik &

Dear visitors, we are pleased to welcome you.

We are Erik and Christine, a married couple, and we live with our cat and three American Akitas.

Our first dogs were two Japanese Akitas, a longcoat girl and a boy that we give a home forever. They lived about 12 years with us. 

On a walk we saw someone with a beautiful dog... It was an American Akita... We were lost! 

Our website is called Ichiban Americano as a tribute to our first dogs. 

Ichiban means in Japanese 'number one', the colors 'yellow-blue' refer to the official blazon of our city 'Zottegem'.

Why this

When our Japanese Akita male 'Ken' died, we started looking for another dog. By chance we saw someone with an American Akita puppy. Dark head, beautiful colors, extremely enthusiastic... A real teddy bear. At this moment we knew that an American Akita would become our next dog.

They are very sweet, affectionate, protective and so beautiful. Because of the different color combinations, every American Akita becomes unique. But be careful :-), sometimes they are dominant and quirky (these characteristics are also Akita).

With these dogs, we are also starting to go to shows.

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